Not a Review of a Movie I’m Never Going To See

It's debatable what tends to be the first thing to go when a fascist regime takes control.  The dissenters, the thinkers, the arts?  A combination of all three?  The answer is yes.  And yes and yes and yes. The only question is whether the fascist regime is using political means, cultural means, or both.  When … Continue reading Not a Review of a Movie I’m Never Going To See


The Punk-Rock Soccer Matriarchy (and how to avoid it)

Before I was voided out of Twitter for reasons of not giving them my phone number, I was a follower of Ben Weasel from Screeching Weasel (@screechingweez), not because I'm a fan (I'm happily indifferent), but because he stands firmly opposed to censorship and fascism in all its forms.  Which makes him oddly anathema to … Continue reading The Punk-Rock Soccer Matriarchy (and how to avoid it)

Art Worshipers & Artistic Legalists

Sometime in the last couple of years, I was politely accosted during a show in Flagstaff by an artistic legalist. An artistic legalist is somebody who lacks imagination, is adamantine in his legalistic religious beliefs about art, and imposes this oxymoronically-unyielding void on everyone around him.  Artistic legalists aren't art worshipers, necessarily.  An art worshiper … Continue reading Art Worshipers & Artistic Legalists

American Parthenon

Touring the drive-in ruins of modern America, greaser ghost & bellhop, bungalows in the sand   Sad diner broken windows, fast-food parthenons to go           4 September 2014 Amboy, California From the upcoming book Slipping Toward The Drip-Dream Due in 2018

Letter To The Jerome Town Council

3 February 2015 Dear Jerome, I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify the position of permit-free performance in Jerome. The committee meetings, unfortunately, bore no fruit. The first meeting was extremely productive, everybody leaving with an optimistic, win/win attitude. Abe Stewart mentioned the possibility of ignoring the busking issue entirely, and focusing on simply … Continue reading Letter To The Jerome Town Council