A Breath Away From Hell

For some reason, this culture dictates to all artists that they ought never to explain themselves to people.  I understand the reasons for this, even if I find no reason to strictly adhere to it, but in this case I want to explain the lyrics to the song posted below, particularly the 3rd stanza.  The “religious lunatics” referred to in the song are not Christians.  They are holier-than-thou cultural witch-hunters that defend their own sense of self-righteousness by exiling their heretics and infidels to the outer darkness.  Some of them wear crosses, most of them do not.  They are everywhere, and they are very much bound to the laws and social mores they spend their lives slavishly proclaiming, while judging others for non-compliance.  Most people, in fact, belong to this group.  The re-ligion, literally, re-binding to the law, does not require a book of any kind, holy or otherwise.  The laws can be cultural, embedded in society at a level so deep as to be imperceptible unless you are lucky enough to be an exile.  Blessed, is the word.  There is no such thing as luck.  The line that describes them “performing rituals designed to destroy individuality, reason, and joy” can be applied to almost any social group, and is intended to.  I hope you are as convicted by the video above as I am.  Jesus is the only way.  He is not a religion, in fact he made religion obsolete 2,000 years ago.  Thanks for watching and listening.


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