Allen Ginsberg Was A Pontificating Ass

Most historians believe this to be a photograph of the Nazi airship Hindenberg, but it is in fact a picture of a young Allen Ginsberg reading his first artless poetry at age 11 in New Jersey:     The "Hindenberg disaster," as it is mistakenly known, in fact occurred in New Jersey, where Allen "Bedbug" … Continue reading Allen Ginsberg Was A Pontificating Ass


There Is Freedom In Going Home Alone

15 years ago tonight, I put all my things in a bag, walked out of the diorama of low-down, dirty drug-drama that was my girlfriend's apartment, and rode the bus to a sleazy hotel on Sunset Blvd.  I got a room for a week, and laid on the bed as the clock struck 12, going … Continue reading There Is Freedom In Going Home Alone

The Punk-Rock Soccer Matriarchy (and how to avoid it)

Before I was voided out of Twitter for reasons of not giving them my phone number, I was a follower of Ben Weasel from Screeching Weasel (@screechingweez), not because I'm a fan (I'm happily indifferent), but because he stands firmly opposed to censorship and fascism in all its forms.  Which makes him oddly anathema to … Continue reading The Punk-Rock Soccer Matriarchy (and how to avoid it)

Art Worshipers & Artistic Legalists

Sometime in the last couple of years, I was politely accosted during a show in Flagstaff by an artistic legalist. An artistic legalist is somebody who lacks imagination, is adamantine in his legalistic religious beliefs about art, and imposes this oxymoronically-unyielding void on everyone around him.  Artistic legalists aren't art worshipers, necessarily.  An art worshiper … Continue reading Art Worshipers & Artistic Legalists

American Parthenon

Touring the drive-in ruins of modern America, greaser ghost & bellhop, bungalows in the sand   Sad diner broken windows, fast-food parthenons to go           4 September 2014 Amboy, California From the upcoming book Slipping Toward The Drip-Dream Due in 2018

Letter To The Jerome Town Council

3 February 2015 Dear Jerome, I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify the position of permit-free performance in Jerome. The committee meetings, unfortunately, bore no fruit. The first meeting was extremely productive, everybody leaving with an optimistic, win/win attitude. Abe Stewart mentioned the possibility of ignoring the busking issue entirely, and focusing on simply … Continue reading Letter To The Jerome Town Council